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Software (Programs) for the social network odnoklassniki.ru:

Brief description:

  • The bulk of the software is written in php and web and adapted to different social networks.Saling be licensed for a certain period, you will be able to prolong for additional payment.To is a system of buying this or that program will be: you take the software for a month, for example We make out the license for this period at the expiry of this period, software informs you of the necessity to renew the license if you need it, email us , pay the renewal and get to your Email newsletters version of the purchased program has extended the license.
  • Software will run as an exe application, which is built into the shell of php code.
  • Each program will be supplied with a customized Web server-server2go-, under which the program will work. Also, for each program will go a detailed instruction on the same settings.If you have any questions, you can always ask them us . Also at your request, we will lay out a 3-day demo version of a program and leave a link for downloading at homepage resource.
  • Support health programs as a result of any changes in the algorithms of social networking or other web services, under which we purchased was written program, we also assume.
  • Attention:All programs are located in the source code, so after the order is usually required time to prepare a program for sales, training may take up to 24 hours.After that we inform you about what your program is ready to "take away", you pay in any convenient way, and we will send you a complete ready-to-use program specified in the email-address request

Programs list:

  • 1)Odnokl_Reg.php v1.7 - Autoregistrator for social networks odnoklassniki.ru (through registration to stage of validation on a cell phone).One thread.Consist Anticapcha.
  • cost of the program:25$
  • The cost of a license for a month:10$
  • 2)Accs_Odn_Cheker v3.1 - Account checker for odnoklassniki.ru. One thread. Program consist anticapcha.
  • cost of the program:10$
  • The cost of a license for a month:5$